Road Vehicles

A new range of period specific road vehicles is included with the route.

These can be placed as scenery items, but you will also see them travelling the roads.

In addition to these there are a number of vehicles which are setup as locomotives and rolling stock. These can be driven on the invisible tracks which have been incorporated into some of the roads

Scenery and road vehicles

Austin 7 Nippy 1934 Austin 7 Saloon 1933 Austin 7 PickUp 1934
Austin 7 Van 1932 Morris 8 2dr 1939 Morris 8 4dr 1939
Morris 8 Roadster 1939 Albion B118 1936 Morris Parcels Lorry 1935
Morris Commercial C13 FC Morris Brush 14str 1936 Leyland LT2 Lion 1936 Baxters
Leyland LT2 Lion 1936 PMT    

Driveable vehicles
Bedford WHG Tipper (Coke) Bedford WHG Tipper (Scrap) Bedford WHG Tractor Unit
Morris Commercial LMS Drawbar Trailer Bedford Scammell Trailer 6Ton
Bedford cab view Morris cab view  




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