Trainz versions for PLL


This page details the versions of Trainz in which we have tested PLL and verified it works correctly.

You may be able to use some of the content in versions other than those listed as being compatible with the Potteries Loop Line pack, however, you will only be able to use everything in the pack (and available through this website) in the versions listed below as able to run PLL.

By 'compatible' we mean that none of the content shows as faulty and all assets (including sessions and rules) function as designed.

Using PLL in different Trainz versions

Trainz Simulator 2010 (And prior)

Currently PLL cannot be used in TS2010 or any version prior to this.

Trainz Simulator 12

PLL can be used in TS12 providing it is patched with Service Pack 1.

The current latest build is 61388.

If you have TS12 and want the patch to update you can obtain it from here

Trainz Simulator Mac 2

PLL can be used in TS Mac 2.

Unfortunately it cannot be used in the prior Mac version.

Trainz: A New Era

PLL cannot currently be used in T:ANE.

We are working on making PLL compatible with T:ANE and will update the site with more news once this is available.


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