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Documentation for the Loop Line route

Potteries Loop Line - Background, Description, and Train Services
An introduction to the Potteries Loop Line with the background to the construction of the line along with a description of the route and a guide to the train services which ran on it.

Potteries Loop Line - Track Diagrams
Track diagrams for the stations, industries, and junctions of the Potteries Loop Line.

Potteries Loop Line - Route maps
Maps of the Potteries Loop Line route showing the passenger stations and identifying the industry locations.

Documentation for the included industries

Colliery 4 and 8 track gravity-fed loaders
An introduction to the gravity-fed coal loaders with instructions on how it works and how to setup the industry for use on your own route. It is the gravity feeding of these assets that gives rise to the need for a support document.

Installing a PLL Blast Furnace Asset in a custom route
Detailed instructions on how to use this industry on your own routes.

Documentation related to the Shed Master rule

Shedmaster Users Guide
An introduction to the deployment of the Shedmaster (SM) rule to control trains to meet the requirements of an industry. A glossary guide to this document is available below.

Shedmaster Users Guide - Glossary
A glossary guide to the Shedmaster Users Guide to be used in conjuction with the document above.

Tasks supervised by Shedmaster in the demonstration session
A description of the tasks and related schedules for the session ´┐ŻShedmaster: servicing Wolstanton colliery´┐Ż. These tasks have been entered into the session configuration of the Shedmaster rule and can be inspected by opening the rule for edit in Surveyor.

Converting interactive industries for Shedmaster compatibility
The document provides script writers with the code that needs to be added to existing industry scripts to effect a conversion to Shedmaster compatibility.

A guide to the Shelton Bar Operations session
The document provides a comprehensive overview of the session to operate Shelton Bar using the shedmaster rule.

Documentation related to the Signal Box rule

Signal Box Operation Manual
This is the initial release of the operation manual for the Signal Box rule.
This contains all the information needed to use the rule when running sessions available for the rule, or to implement the rule within sessions you have created yourself

Signal Box Installation Manual
This is the initial release of the installation manual for the Signal Box rule.
This contains all the information needed to use the rule on your own routes.

Notes to Signalmen
These notes contain: A regional schematic map, a schematic map of signal box locations, signal box control panels and notes

SB Sessions - Signal Box Timetables
These are the timetables for each of the signal boxes in the Signal Box sessions

SB Sessions - Working Timetable
The Summer 1938 timetable for Kidsgrove Junction To Stoke-On-Trent and the return journey

Trainz TC3 Signalling Guide
The guide referred to in the Signal Box Operation Manual.

Signal Box documentation - complete
The six files shown above in a single .zip file

Signal Box demonstration and training video - 1
This is a video in .mp4 format demonstrating Signal Box in use. The video duration is 17 minutes and the file size is 96MB

Signal Box demonstration and training video - 2
This is a video in .mp4 format demonstrating Signal Box in use to control locomotives for shunting operations. The video duration is 7 minutes and the file size is 51MB


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